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July 2011
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  • SUN Cellular Prepaid gives 2 pesos Text Abroad to U.S., Canada and other countries

    Sun Cellular gives away the cheapest text abroad promo, that is the P2 To TEXT ABROAD! to U.S. (Main), Canada, Singapore, U.A.E., Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau, Japan, Qatar and Brunei.

    This latest promo is open to all Sun Prepaid subscribers that has friends or family abroad. For the other 40 countries that are not mentioned above, a P5 / international text would apply as cost per SMS. This Sun promo runs till September 30, 2011.

    For more detailed information, you may call Sun Hotline at (02) 395-8000.

  • ASTIGTXT 15 Conquers North Luzon with Unlimited Texts by Touch Mobile TM

    Touch Mobile (TM) is getting the North Luzon region very excited as they launch their newest promo, ASTIGTXT 15. If you are a TM subscriber from Bulacan, Pampanga, Bataan, Zambales, Nueva Ecija or Pangasinan, then you have this unlimited text offer to all your TM and Globe subscribers for 2 days, which will cost you only P15!

    To subscribe, simply send ASTIGTXT 15 to 8888.

  • Unlimited Texts to all Networks from LAHATxt UNLI25 by Smart Buddy Prepaid

    This might be the greatest offer to all texters from SMART Buddy as they bring on their new Unlimited Texts to all Networks promo. Yes, it’s the LAHATxt UNLI25 that costs only P25 for one day.

    You can now have your “text all you want” with no limits to any of your friends and relatives even they use Globe, Touch Mobile or Sun SIM numbers.

    Register now! Just text LTU25 to 2266 and enjoy this promo for all day and all night.

  • SUN Todo Tawag IDD Prepaid Card, Call Promo to Saudi and UAE

    Sun Cellular brings out the latest International Direct Dial (IDD) calls promo to Saudi Arabia and UAE, the Sun Todo Tawag IDD Card that costs only P10 per minute calling time. Now you can call your family, love ones and friends in those countries in the Middle East Asian region.

    The Sun Todo Tawag IDD Prepaid Card is available in P50, P100 and P300 denominations. Go get this new Sun IDD Card and enjoy this latest Sun promo now!

    Sun also offers IDD Calls promo to other countries to its Postpaid line subscribers.

  • Talk N’ Text bigtime promo UNLI TXT 150, 5 pesos/day

    Talk N’ Text gives you UNLI TXT 150, the newest Tipid-Sulit bigtime promo, which allows you to have Unlimited Texting to all TNT or Smart subscribers. This one costs only P150 that’s valid for 30 days, which translates to only P5 per day. To subscribe, simply send U150 to 4545.

    This TNT Unli Text promo runs till December 31, 2011 only. So better spend your P150 away with this one, at least it’ll last for a month.

    Also available TNT KATOK 10 Unlimited Calls!

  • Smart Prepaid launches ‘Smart HelLow’ card, IDD Calls as low as P2.50/min.

    Smart Communications launches their latest International Services with Smart HelLow. It’s their most affordable IDD Card so far that will cost you only P30.00.

    What makes it very cheap is that you can call abroad for as low as P2.50/min to 25 destinations like: China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Italy, United Kingdom, Bahrain, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Canada, U.S.A., Brunei and Macau.

    Smart HelLow is basically a reloadable card with a minimum reload of P15 plus you get bonus points per reload, too.

  • Globe Prepaid SUPERUNLI25 offers now UNLIMITED TEXT to any Network

    Globe Prepaid upgrades their SUPERUNLI25 promo from Unli Call and Text to Globe and TM to an extravagant Unlimited Text to ALL NETWORKS, which now includes Smart, Sun and Red Mobile! Sounds crazy but it’s true. To register, simply text UALL25 to 8888.

    However, they will still be sticking with Unlimited Call and Text to Globe or Touch Mobile (TM) only till July 31, 2011. It’s just around a week to go and this can be the best special offer from Globe Prepaid to their millions of subscribers.

  • Globe Postpaid launches Unlimited Text to any Network in My SUPER TXT ALL

    Globe Telecoms launches an all new postpaid promo, that is My SUPER TXTALL. This actually features Unlimited Text to Globe, SUN and Smart subscribers for only P599 per month. That’s technically text all-you-can to all networks for only P20 per day!

    If you’re looking for a network where you can just text to all networks without worrying if you’re over your budget, then this Globe My SUPER TXT ALL postpaid might be the plan for you. If you’re interested, you may call Globe hotline (02) 730-1010 or simply text MYSUPERTXTALL to 8888.


  • Talk N’ Text with latest and hottest TNT KATOK10 Tipid-Sulit promo

    Talk N’ Text or TNT is running KATOK10, their latest and hottest TIPID-SULIT all calls promo in the country till August 15, 2011. This one is definitely making lots and lots of TNT subscribers to go crazy calling anyone they like on TNT all day long! What’s even better is that, it offers an unlimited 2-way call that costs you only P10. Even without a load, you can still use your call promo.

    If you want this TNT promo badly, then wait no more! Simply send KATOK to 3533 now!

  • Smartalk Unli Call & Text 100 Good for Four (4) Days

    Smart Prepaid has this new  SMARTALK Unli Call & Text 100. With this new promo, every subscriber can now use call and text ‘ALL-YOU-CAN’ for four (4) consecutive days in one registration for only 100 pesos.

    For sure millions of Smart subscribers will enjoy this unlimited connection with nationwidest coverage. To register, text UNLI100 to 6406. To call, dial *6406 + 11-digit Smart/TNT/red #.

    Note: Maintain P1.00 balance while subscribed. Also available Smartalk25, good for one day.