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August 2011
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  • Calls and Texts Unlimited for Sun to Sun at SUN Postpaid Plan 450 with IDD and SMS plus Free Mobile Phones

    Sun Postpaid plan features Call and Text Unlimited that brings you unlimited calls and texts for Sun to Sun. At Sun Plan 450, Sun subscribers can have both the unlimited local Sun calls and texts plus 250 Texts to other networks plus a consumable 100 pesos for IDD and SMS. The IDD rates for Call and Text abroad actually goes down as low as P2 only. Take note that you also get a free cellphone with this Sun Plan 450.

    For more info about this plan, just visit any Sun shop near you.

  • SUN Flexi Load Plan 250 with Unlimited Texts plus Free Cellphone

    Sun Cellular is offering the cheapest postpaid plan, the Fixed Load Plan 250, where you get Unlimited Text and 600 minutes of Sun to Sun calls plus you get a free mobile phone.

    If you’re interested and have some questions, don’t hesitate to visit any Sun shop located in your area.

  • SUN Cellular Prepaid invades Mindanao with SUN Magic Zone Mindanao Unlimited Call and Text

    Sun Cellular Prepaid launches the SUN Magic Zone Mindanao for only 10 pesos. It is SUN’s cheapest Call and Text Unlimited in Mindanao, where Mindanao Sun subscribers can also enjoy unlimited Calls and Texts, Sun to Sun for only 10 pesos.

    You can avail this promo by simply texting MCTU10 to 247 now!

  • SUN Express Load P20 Text Unlimited, now with Free 20 minutes Voice Calls – SUN Prepaid

    Sun Cellular Prepaid now offers P20 Text Unlimited, where you’ll have 24/7 Unlimited Texts with 20 minutes of Free Sun to Sun Voice calls for 2 days. The 20 minutes free calls can either be a straight 20-minute call or can be accumulated calls as well.

    Load up P20 now from any Sun Express Load centers near you.

  • SUN WINNER TXT 10 features the cheapest Unlimited Text promo

    Sun Cellular Prepaid launches SUN WINNER TXT 10, their cheapest unlimited text promo that features Unlimited Texts all day plus 5 mins of Sun calls. Originally, this costs you P15 per day, until they cut it down now to 10 pesos per day! Plus, you can divide the allowable 5 minutes in different calls that you prefer.

    To subscribe to this promo, you can just text WIN10 to 247.

  • SUN FLEXI LOAD 50 offers low Call and Text rates this August 2011

    SUN Cellular Load Promo makes way for their latest promo addition, the SUN FLEXI LOAD 50. It gives your 50 pesos a rate of P0.25 per Sun to Sun Text, P0.50 per minute of Sun to Sun Calls and P0.50 per text to other Network.

    This promo is basically worth of 200 Sun text or 100 text to other networks or 100 minutes of Sun calls. But the good thing here, you can actually mix it up have a portion of each instead. To subscribe, simply text FLEXI50 to 247.

    You can avail this load promo through a Call Card, Sun Express Load or by Load Registration. Promo runs till August 31, 2011.

  • SUN UNLIMITED MIX25 offers Unli Texts with Calls plus Internet Surfing

    SUN Cellular Prepaid brings a new promo, the SUN UNLIMITED MIX25. This one features Unlimited Sun to Sun Texts, plus 20 Texts to other networks, 15 minutes Sun to Sun Calls every hour and FREE 15 minutes internet surfing.

    Sun Cellular really never runs out of promos like these. This one only costs you 25 pesos that is already valid for one day! To subscribe to this promo, simply send UMIX25 to 247.

  • SUN Text All for only 15 pesos by SUN Cellular Prepaid 2011

    Sun Cellular launches SUN TEXT ALL, a combination of 50 texts to other networks plus 100 Sun Texts that is good for one (1) day for only P15.00. It may not be unlimited but it’s has a very low cost for a total of 150 texts!

    To subscriber to this SUN TEXT ALL promo, simply send TEXTALL to 247.

    Opens to all Sun Prepaid subscribers.

  • Unlimited Calls and Texts from SUN P25 Super Loaded by SUN Prepaid Promo

    Sun Cellular Prepaid brings in a new unlimited promo, the SUN P25 SUPER LOADED with Unlimited Sun Calls and Text plus Free 30 minutes of Mobile Internet and Free 20 Texts to other networks.

    Sun Call and Text Unlimited is good for one (1) day of Sun to Sun Calls and Texts all day and all night. This promo runs till October 26, 2011.