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August 2015
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  • Smart Unlimited Internet Surfing via OPERA Mini Browser as low as 15 pesos

    SMART Communications launches Unlimited Internet Surfing to Google, Ebay, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter via the OPERA Mini Browser for only Php15 per day.

    You can just send OPERA15 to 211 to take advantage of this SMART OPERA UNLISURF 15 promo.

  • Smart newest SIM offer “Jump-In” with Unlimited All Net-SMS and Free Mobile Surfing

    SMART Communications launches its all new all in-one “Jump In”  SIM, which includes 30 mins of calls, unlimited all net-SMS and free mobile surfing. This one’s great for all of you who want to jump-in to Smart network. You can look for more info at

    Take note that Smart Jump In SIM’s available at school tours only.
  • Smart ALL-IN 25 Introduces with Unli All-Net Texts, Tri-Net Calls, Mobile Surfing by Smart Prepaid

    Smart Communication brings in their newest Smart Prepaid promo, the ALL-IN 25. This one allows you to send to SUN, Smart and Talk ‘N Text with Unlimited All-Net Texts, Mobile Surfing and 60 minutes of tri-net calls for only P25 per day.

    Simply text ALLIN25 to 2477 to register to this promo.

  • SMART TRI-NET 30 promo – Call and Text with Internet Mobile access

    SMART carries on with their Tri-Net promo to elevate competition with other network promos. The new TriNet 30 continually offers 200 all-network text messages (Smart, Talk ‘N Text, Globe, TM, and Sun) for a day, which includes 10MB data of mobile access and 50 mins of calls to Smart/TNT/Sun.

    This promo is available until July 18, 2012. To enjoy this great Smart promo, simply text TRINET30 TO 2477.

  • Requirements for applying Smart Postpaid Plan with Free Smart Phones

    Most of us are planning to get one of those postpaid plans, which are offered by top networks in the country just to have a phone unit for free. And maybe not just a mobile phone, but a SmartPhone like the Samsung Galaxy S III. If that’s your case, then you may want to try to check this on their requirements.

    Here are the requirements for Smart Communications postpaid plan application:

    Proof of Identification
    Bring at least two of the following:

    - Laminated Company ID
    - Locally-issued Passport
    - Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) ID
    - Digitized/photo Social Security System (SSS)
    - Digitized/photo Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID
    - Locally issued driver’s license
    - Laminated/photo Senior Citizen’s ID
    - Locally-issued major photo Credit Card
    - Laminated/photo membership ID from Top Sports and Country Clubs
    - Laminated/photo firearms license card or Firearms Permit to Carry
    - For foreign citizen applicants, valid (not expired/revoked) internationally-issued passport or unexpired Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)

    Proof of Address

    This needs to be under the applicant’s name and matches the preferred billing address. It can be one of the following:

    - Utility Bill (e.g. Electric or Water or Telecom or Cable or Credit Card Bill
    - Bank Statement
    - Lease of Contract
    - Notarized Lessor’s Certificate

    Proof of Financial Capacity

    - This can be any one of the following:

    - Bank Account Documents (e.g. Bank Certification Letter, Bank Deposit Certificate, Bank Passbook/Bank Statement)
    - Certificate of Employment (COE)
    - Latest Income Tax Return (ITR)
    - Credit Card Statement of Account (SOA)

  • Sun, Smart and Talk ‘N Text to SUN TRIO 30 & 20 for Call and Text Promo 2012

    Sun Cellular is offering the new Sun TRIO 30 and the Sun TRIO 20, where you can call with no worries to the 3 big networks with just one SUN load!

    The Sun TRIO 30 comes with 30 minutes of calls to Sun, Smart and Talk ‘N Text plus 300 Texts to All Networks, which are 100 Sun Texts and 200 Texts to Other Networks. To register, simply text TRIO30 to 247. It will cost you only P30 that will be valid for 1 day.

    Also available is the Sun TRIO 20 that gives you 15 minutes of call and 200 texts to Sun, Smart and Talk ‘N Text. This one costs P20/Day. To register, simply text TRIO20 to 247.

    This promo runs until June 30, 2012.

  • Unlimited Texts for Smart and Sun in the new SMART-SUN Dual Plan 549 with free cellphone Nokia C203

    Smart Communication together with Sun Cellular brings out their new SMART-SUN Dual Plan 549 that comes with a free cellphone, the Nokia C203 dual SIM phone for only P549 per month! This new dual-advantage plan includes the Plan 349, which gives you unlimited SMS and 2 hours of calls to all SMART, and Plan 200 with Unlimited SMS and 4 hours of calls to all Sun network.

    You can enjoy this amazing Smart-Sun Dual Plan 549 now by simply calling either the Smart hotline at 888-1111 or Sun hotline at 395-8000.

  • Smart Trio 20 promo this holiday season, texts to Smart, Sun and TNT subcribers

    Smart Prepaid offers a Trio20 promo this holiday season 2012, which gives you amazing deals on three networks: Smart, Sun, and Talk N’ Text (TNT). All subscribers on these three networks can enjoy 15 minutes of calls and 200 texts to Smart, Sun, and TNT for 20 pesos per day.

    Now you can greet all your love ones and friends! To enjoy this Christmas and New Year’s season’s promo, text TRIO20 to 2477.

  • Smart Postpaid Call Charges in Half Promo, All-In Plans untill March 2012

    Smart Postpaid is having a 50% off promo to any network that will runs until March 31, 2012.

    You can cut your postpaid call charges in half! Enjoy calls as low as P3.12 per minute to Globe, Sun and Smart cell numbers. P250 = 80 minutes to all networks.

    Available through: All-In Plans. Go All-In, visit a smart store near you or call 888-1111 for more details.

  • PLDT CALL ALL and SMART Unli Postpaid+ Plan = PLDT SMART UNLI ALL promo, Unlimited mobile and landline calls

    The one and only unlimited PLDT and SMART Call Plan is now here for you! PLDT SMART UNLI ALL with Unlimited mobile calls plus Unlimited landline calls, all in one FREE Dual SIM Phone!

    Unli Call and Text 599 (to Smart Netwroks) plus 100 all net monthly SMS, FREE Alcatel 506D and PLDT CALL ALL 250 per month, all for only P849 per month.

    Open to all DSL Plan 1299 and up subscribers. Connect to 2 PLDT-SMART Unli All Plans, and give this to your family members.

    Also available: SMART Unli Postpaid+ Plan 299 = Unli Text (to Smart networks) + 50 all net monthly SMS + Free Cherry Mobile D13

    Visit any PLDT Business Office to apply for PLDT Call All before proceeding to the SMART Store to apply for the SMART Unli Postpaid+ Plan. Call 101-328 for more details. Promo runs until January 15, 2012.