Globe Postpaid Plan with Free Cellphone or SmartPhone units, Requirements for Applying

Postpaid plans’ getting better with their promos, add-ons and free phones that there’s a huge amount of people looking into having one. Globe Telecoms’ a great network to be with, considering they’re the leader in Postpaid as they claim to be. But, there are a few things you must present first to get one of those postpaid plans.

Here are the requirements:

Proof of Identity*
Any One Of The Following:

– Company ID
– Major Credit Card (Even Without Picture)
– Driver’s License
– Passport (Bearing Signature)

Proof of Billing Address*
Any One Of The Following:

Should Be The Latest Copy

– Any Acceptable ID With Address (Refer To The List Of Valid Poid)
– Credit Card Statement
– Public Utility Bills (I.E., Electric, Water, Cable)
– Bank Statement
– Notarized Contract of Lease
– Airway Bill

Proof of Financial Capacity*

Any One Of The Following:

– Latest Two (2) Months Credit Card Statement (With At Least Php 20,000 Credit Limit)
– Latest ITR With BIR or Bank-Received Stamp (Form 1700)
– Latest W-2 (Form 2316)
– Latest Certificate of Employment and Compensation
– Latest Computerized Pay-slip (1 Month)
– Latest Two (2) Months Bank Statement of Account or Passbook
– Latest Three (3) Months Certificate of Allotment plus Employment Contract (For Overseas Workers)

*Acceptable Documents But Not Limited to the Above-Mentioned


1. Bring original copy
2. All applications are subject to approval; additional documents may be requested if deemed necessary.
3. All listed documents are subject to change.

Additional Requirements for Foreigners

(Acceptable Documents But Not Limited to the Following And Should Not Be Expired)

– I-Card
– DOLE Employment Permi
– Immigration Certificate of Registration
– Special Retiree’s Residence Visa (SRRV)
– Company Guarantee (If Staying Is Less Than The Lock-Up Period)
– Employment Contract or Certificate of Employment

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