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September 2015
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  • Smart newest SIM offer “Jump-In” with Unlimited All Net-SMS and Free Mobile Surfing

    SMART Communications launches its all new all in-one “Jump In”  SIM, which includes 30 mins of calls, unlimited all net-SMS and free mobile surfing. This one’s great for all of you who want to jump-in to Smart network. You can look for more info at

    Take note that Smart Jump In SIM’s available at school tours only.
  • Smart ALL-IN 25 Introduces with Unli All-Net Texts, Tri-Net Calls, Mobile Surfing by Smart Prepaid

    Smart Communication brings in their newest Smart Prepaid promo, the ALL-IN 25. This one allows you to send to SUN, Smart and Talk ‘N Text with Unlimited All-Net Texts, Mobile Surfing and 60 minutes of tri-net calls for only P25 per day.

    Simply text ALLIN25 to 2477 to register to this promo.

  • SMART TRI-NET 30 promo – Call and Text with Internet Mobile access

    SMART carries on with their Tri-Net promo to elevate competition with other network promos. The new TriNet 30 continually offers 200 all-network text messages (Smart, Talk ‘N Text, Globe, TM, and Sun) for a day, which includes 10MB data of mobile access and 50 mins of calls to Smart/TNT/Sun.

    This promo is available until July 18, 2012. To enjoy this great Smart promo, simply text TRINET30 TO 2477.

  • Smart Trio 20 promo this holiday season, texts to Smart, Sun and TNT subcribers

    Smart Prepaid offers a Trio20 promo this holiday season 2012, which gives you amazing deals on three networks: Smart, Sun, and Talk N’ Text (TNT). All subscribers on these three networks can enjoy 15 minutes of calls and 200 texts to Smart, Sun, and TNT for 20 pesos per day.

    Now you can greet all your love ones and friends! To enjoy this Christmas and New Year’s season’s promo, text TRIO20 to 2477.

  • TEXT-A-LOT IDD texts promo for only P0.50 per message by Smart Prepaid

    Smart Prepaid brings the TEXT-A-LOT for all International Direct Dial or IDD text services.

    Text-A-Lot P35
    Duration: 1 day
    P0.50 per text
    70 Texts (10 International texts + 55 local texts to Samrt + 5 local texts to other networks)
    International texts to: USA, Saudi, Singapore, UAE, Canada, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Lebanon, Oman, Bahrain, Guam, Malaysia.
    To register, send TXT35 to 433

    Promo are available to all Smart Prepaid and Talk N’ Text subscribers only. Enjoy it until Dec. 14, 2011.

  • Smart Prepaid brings the TALK-A-LOT promo for IDD call services

    Smart Prepaid brings the TALK-A-LOT for all International Direct Dial or IDD call services.

    Talk-A-Lot P300
    Duration: 30 days
    As low as P1.50/min
    200 IDD minutes (1.50/min)
    International Call to: USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore.
    To register, send TLK to 433

    Promo are available to all Smart Prepaid and Talk N’ Text subscribers only until December 14, 2011.

  • Smart Prepaid LAHATXT UNLI 25 Unlimited Texts includes now Internet Access and Smart-to-Smart calls

    Smart Communications now features LAHATXT UNLI 25, where you can send unlimited SMS to your friends that use Globe, TM, Smart, Talk ‘n Text, Sun and Red Mobile, plus you get 10 mins of Smart-to-Smart calls and 25MB of consumable internet access. That’s what you get for 25 pesos, which is good for 1 day.

    To register, you can text LTU25 to 2266. This promo will be until November 30, 2011 and is currently available to Smart Prepaid subscribers only. Note that there’s also a LTU50, which is valid for 2 days, LTU100 (valid for 4 days), LTU150 (7 days), and LTU299 (15 days).

  • Smart Prepaid introduces the New Smartalk25 with Unlimited Text to all networks

    Smart Prepaid introduced Unli Call & Text 25 or the SmartTalk25, which features unlimited calling and texting to Smart/ Talk N’ Text/ Red Mobile subscribers a couple of months ago for only P25. However, it now features a major upgrade that includes 20 Free Texts to all networks.

    To avail the promo, simply text UNLI25 to 6406. SmarTalk25 is valid for one day and will only cost you 25 pesos upon registration.

  • Unlimited Texts to all Networks from LAHATxt UNLI25 by Smart Buddy Prepaid

    This might be the greatest offer to all texters from SMART Buddy as they bring on their new Unlimited Texts to all Networks promo. Yes, it’s the LAHATxt UNLI25 that costs only P25 for one day.

    You can now have your “text all you want” with no limits to any of your friends and relatives even they use Globe, Touch Mobile or Sun SIM numbers.

    Register now! Just text LTU25 to 2266 and enjoy this promo for all day and all night.

  • Smart Prepaid launches ‘Smart HelLow’ card, IDD Calls as low as P2.50/min.

    Smart Communications launches their latest International Services with Smart HelLow. It’s their most affordable IDD Card so far that will cost you only P30.00.

    What makes it very cheap is that you can call abroad for as low as P2.50/min to 25 destinations like: China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Italy, United Kingdom, Bahrain, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Canada, U.S.A., Brunei and Macau.

    Smart HelLow is basically a reloadable card with a minimum reload of P15 plus you get bonus points per reload, too.