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October 2015
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  • Wireless Landline ‘SUNTel’ with Unlimited Local Calls and Long Distance Calls from SUN Cellular

    SUN Cellular brings wireless landline SUNTel, which gives unlimited local calls and long distance calls to SunTel and Digitel landlines, all for only P350 per month.

    Meanwhile, the new Sun wireless landline also have other features like the NDD to other landline networks that will cost you P4.50 per minute, calls to cellphones for only P6.50 per min., and IDD calls for as slow as $0.10/min. The IDD calls are applicable to top10 countries, which are Brunei, Canada, China, Guam, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and US Main.

    Apply now at your nearest SUN Shop, Digitel Customer Center or call 1200 for Digitel landline, 200 for SunTel/ Sun Cellular or (02) 395-8000 for Non-Digitel users.

  • Sun Cellular Postpaid brings Add-On features like Pushmail, Data Roaming, Facebook, IDD Calls beyond Unli Calls and Texts promo

    Sun Cellular brings the latest features or Add-On services on its Postpaid Plan that you can enjoy beyond its Call and Text Unlimited promo.

    Add any of these to your postpaid plan:

    Unlimited Pushmail for only P100 per month.
    Unlimited Data Roaming P200 per day (at plan450 Mobile Internet)
    Unlimited BlackBerry Service for only P50 per day.
    Unlimited Landline for only P249 per month
    Free Facebook (Via
    P2 per min. IDD calls (at Plan 450 IDD & P20/10min promo; selected countries)

    For more information call SUN hotline: (02) 395-8000 or 200 using any Sun mobile or visit:

  • SUN Todo IDD Tawag prepaid card for Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., U.K., Bahrain, Kuwait and other countries

    Sun Cellular’s offering the lowest Middle East IDD rates with their SUN TODO IDD TAWAG CARD that is open to all their Sun Prepaid subscribers. For as low as P10, you can call your love ones in Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., U.K., Bahrain and Kuwait with the said Sun Prepaid card.

    However, for other countries you can use Sun Todo IDD Tawag Prepaid card with the following IDD call rates:

    P2/min: U.S. (Main), Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Guam, Hawaii.
    P5/min: Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Macau, Brunei, Thailand, India, N. Marianas.
    P8/min: Japan, Italy

    For more answers to your questions and inquiries, please call the Sun Hotline: (02) 395-8000.

  • Calls and Texts Unlimited for Sun to Sun at SUN Postpaid Plan 450 with IDD and SMS plus Free Mobile Phones

    Sun Postpaid plan features Call and Text Unlimited that brings you unlimited calls and texts for Sun to Sun. At Sun Plan 450, Sun subscribers can have both the unlimited local Sun calls and texts plus 250 Texts to other networks plus a consumable 100 pesos for IDD and SMS. The IDD rates for Call and Text abroad actually goes down as low as P2 only. Take note that you also get a free cellphone with this Sun Plan 450.

    For more info about this plan, just visit any Sun shop near you.

  • SUN Todo Tawag IDD Prepaid Card, Call Promo to Saudi and UAE

    Sun Cellular brings out the latest International Direct Dial (IDD) calls promo to Saudi Arabia and UAE, the Sun Todo Tawag IDD Card that costs only P10 per minute calling time. Now you can call your family, love ones and friends in those countries in the Middle East Asian region.

    The Sun Todo Tawag IDD Prepaid Card is available in P50, P100 and P300 denominations. Go get this new Sun IDD Card and enjoy this latest Sun promo now!

    Sun also offers IDD Calls promo to other countries to its Postpaid line subscribers.

  • SUN Postpaid offers more than 50% on IDD calls to its subcribers, P2/min.

    SUN Cellular had a great offer to all Sun Postpaid subscribers that runs until July 16, 2011 only.
    Enjoy 2 pesos per minute for International Direct Dial (IDD) rate using your Sun Postpaid line.

    For just P20 you get 10 minutes of IDD calls to U.S.(Main), Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Guam. This promo can save you more than 50% on IDD regular calls.

    To enjoy the special IDD rate, dial 800 + country code + area code + phone number abroad e.g 800<1><201><6057712>

    For more details call hotline: (02) 395-8000 or 200 using any Sun mobile.

    Update: Also offers the SUN Todo Tawag IDD prepaid card.