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February 2016
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  • Talk ‘N Text Unlimited Text to All Networks and Unli Calls promo 2013

    Talk ‘N Text comes up with another Call and Text promo this 2013, the UNLI TXT plus UNLI TROPA CALL. It’s 1 Day Unlimited Text to All Networks plus 1 Day Unlimited Calls (that is from 10pm to 10am and 12nn to 6pm) for only Php20 per day.

    Simply text AP20 to 4545 to prime up with this promo.

  • Smart Trio 20 promo this holiday season, texts to Smart, Sun and TNT subcribers

    Smart Prepaid offers a Trio20 promo this holiday season 2012, which gives you amazing deals on three networks: Smart, Sun, and Talk N’ Text (TNT). All subscribers on these three networks can enjoy 15 minutes of calls and 200 texts to Smart, Sun, and TNT for 20 pesos per day.

    Now you can greet all your love ones and friends! To enjoy this Christmas and New Year’s season’s promo, text TRIO20 to 2477.

  • TNT Tipid Sulit text promo GAAN UNLI TXT PLUS 15 offers Unlimited Texts plus 15 mins. of calls

    Talk ‘N Text Tipid Sulit offers their cheapest text and call promo, the TNT GAAN UNLI TXT PLUS 15, which offers unlimited text, plus 15 minutes of calls to TNT, Smart and Red Mobile subscribers for only 15 pesos with one day validity.

    This TNT promo runs till Dec. 15, 2011. To register, just text GU15 to 4541.

  • Tipid Sulit promo, Unlimited Calls in UNLI TALK20 from Talk N’ Text

    Talk N’ Text adds up UNLI TALK20 to its call unlimited TIPID-SULIT promo! You can enjoy all this calls promo the whole day when you register for just P20. Take note that this one is exclusive for TNT, Smart and Red Mobile subscribers only.

    If you want to avail this latest TIPID-SULIT promo, simply text UTALK20 to 4545. Promo runs until February 28, 2012.

  • Talk N’ Text bigtime promo UNLI TXT 150, 5 pesos/day

    Talk N’ Text gives you UNLI TXT 150, the newest Tipid-Sulit bigtime promo, which allows you to have Unlimited Texting to all TNT or Smart subscribers. This one costs only P150 that’s valid for 30 days, which translates to only P5 per day. To subscribe, simply send U150 to 4545.

    This TNT Unli Text promo runs till December 31, 2011 only. So better spend your P150 away with this one, at least it’ll last for a month.

    Also available TNT KATOK 10 Unlimited Calls!

  • Talk N’ Text with latest and hottest TNT KATOK10 Tipid-Sulit promo

    Talk N’ Text or TNT is running KATOK10, their latest and hottest TIPID-SULIT all calls promo in the country till August 15, 2011. This one is definitely making lots and lots of TNT subscribers to go crazy calling anyone they like on TNT all day long! What’s even better is that, it offers an unlimited 2-way call that costs you only P10. Even without a load, you can still use your call promo.

    If you want this TNT promo badly, then wait no more! Simply send KATOK to 3533 now!


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