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February 2016
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  • PLDT CALL ALL and SMART Unli Postpaid+ Plan = PLDT SMART UNLI ALL promo, Unlimited mobile and landline calls

    The one and only unlimited PLDT and SMART Call Plan is now here for you! PLDT SMART UNLI ALL with Unlimited mobile calls plus Unlimited landline calls, all in one FREE Dual SIM Phone!

    Unli Call and Text 599 (to Smart Netwroks) plus 100 all net monthly SMS, FREE Alcatel 506D and PLDT CALL ALL 250 per month, all for only P849 per month.

    Open to all DSL Plan 1299 and up subscribers. Connect to 2 PLDT-SMART Unli All Plans, and give this to your family members.

    Also available: SMART Unli Postpaid+ Plan 299 = Unli Text (to Smart networks) + 50 all net monthly SMS + Free Cherry Mobile D13

    Visit any PLDT Business Office to apply for PLDT Call All before proceeding to the SMART Store to apply for the SMART Unli Postpaid+ Plan. Call 101-328 for more details. Promo runs until January 15, 2012.

  • Sun Cellular Postpaid brings Add-On features like Pushmail, Data Roaming, Facebook, IDD Calls beyond Unli Calls and Texts promo

    Sun Cellular brings the latest features or Add-On services on its Postpaid Plan that you can enjoy beyond its Call and Text Unlimited promo.

    Add any of these to your postpaid plan:

    Unlimited Pushmail for only P100 per month.
    Unlimited Data Roaming P200 per day (at plan450 Mobile Internet)
    Unlimited BlackBerry Service for only P50 per day.
    Unlimited Landline for only P249 per month
    Free Facebook (Via
    P2 per min. IDD calls (at Plan 450 IDD & P20/10min promo; selected countries)

    For more information call SUN hotline: (02) 395-8000 or 200 using any Sun mobile or visit:


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