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October 2015
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  • Talk ‘N Text Unlimited Text to All Networks and Unli Calls promo 2013

    Talk ‘N Text comes up with another Call and Text promo this 2013, the UNLI TXT plus UNLI TROPA CALL. It’s 1 Day Unlimited Text to All Networks plus 1 Day Unlimited Calls (that is from 10pm to 10am and 12nn to 6pm) for only Php20 per day.

    Simply text AP20 to 4545 to prime up with this promo.

  • Touch Mobile brings the newest TM COMBO 10 “EXTEND” with Unlimited Calls and Texts

    Touch Mobile Prepaid now offers their newest TM COMBO 10, which allows you to extend your expiring load for another 24 hours by only adding P5, and still get to enjoy the Unli-Calls and Texts promo.

    You just have to try it for yourself. Simply text EXTEND to 8888.

    Take note that you can also use this promo to other TM deals: ASTIG TXT 10-15-20-30, COMBO 15 and ASTIG COMBO 10.

  • You can still enjoy the Power Text Unlimited 200 this 2013 by Sun Cellular Prepaid

    SUN Cellular Prepaid now offers Power Text Unlimited 200, which features Unli-SUN Texts, 4 Hrs of SUN Calls and 500 Texts to other networks. This one’s very affordable considering that this is already valid for 30 days.

    Stop looking for anything else and try it now! Simply Text TU200 to 247 to start this promo.

  • Talk ‘N Text Prepaid relaunches their Unlimited Text to All Network “UNLI TXT 2 ALL 20″

    Talk ‘N Text Prepaid relaunches their Unli-Text to All Networks, “UNLI TXT 2 ALL 20.”

    You can try this promo now for only P20 for 2 days. Simply text UA20 to 4545 to quickly avail this TNT promo. Promo runs till March 31, 2013.

  • Globe GO UNLI 30 is back with Unli – Texts, Calls, Facebook (FB)

    Globe Telecoms brings back their Prepaid GO UNLI 30, with Unli-Text to all networks, Unli-Calls for Globe and Touch Mobile, plus Unli-Facebook for only P30/day.

    If you want to avail this promo, you can just text GOUNLI30 to 8888. This promo runs till March 31, 2013.

  • PLDT- SUN Cellular brings the All New 3-In-1 Unli Call All – Unlimited Call and Texts

    PLDT launches with SUN Cellular the all new 3-in-1 UNLI CALL ALL. This promo comes with Unlimited Calls to PLDT and SUN, plus Unlimited SMS to SUN, all this for only P20/day or practically P600/month. What’s more is it comes with a FREE Android phone!

    It’s definitely a great deal right? For more info, you can simly call 101-328.

  • Smart newest SIM offer “Jump-In” with Unlimited All Net-SMS and Free Mobile Surfing

    SMART Communications launches its all new all in-one “Jump In”  SIM, which includes 30 mins of calls, unlimited all net-SMS and free mobile surfing. This one’s great for all of you who want to jump-in to Smart network. You can look for more info at

    Take note that Smart Jump In SIM’s available at school tours only.
  • Touch Mobile brings cheapest Unlimited Text promo

    Touch Mobile brings their smallest rate prepaid text promo, the TM COMBO 10, which gives Unlimited Text for Touch Mobile (TM) and Globe subscribers with free 10 minutes of calls and 50 All Network Texts within 24 hours for only 10 pesos.

    Enjoy it now! Just text C10 to 8888 to register. Promo runs untilDec. 31, 2012.

  • Globe GO UNLI 30 gives Unlimited Calls, All Net Texts, Unli Facebook

    Globe Prepaid is also giving the Unlimited Call and Text promo before the year ends to its subscribers (Globe and Touch Mobile TM).

    GO UNLI 30 features Unlimited Calls, Unlimited All Net Texts and Unlimited Facebook.

    Don’t miss the chance, text GOUNLI30 to 8888 now. For only 30 pesos, you can enjoy it for 1 day.

    Promo runs untilDec. 15, 2012.

  • Smart ALL-IN 25 Introduces with Unli All-Net Texts, Tri-Net Calls, Mobile Surfing by Smart Prepaid

    Smart Communication brings in their newest Smart Prepaid promo, the ALL-IN 25. This one allows you to send to SUN, Smart and Talk ‘N Text with Unlimited All-Net Texts, Mobile Surfing and 60 minutes of tri-net calls for only P25 per day.

    Simply text ALLIN25 to 2477 to register to this promo.