ALKANSYA Load Promo from Talk ‘N Text

Talk ‘N Text brings out their newest promo, the ALKANSYA madness, which actually allows you to save up extra loads whenever you load up using their new ALKANSYA menu. Each time you purchase loads, the same will be saved to your load bank or “Alkansya,” which you can eventually load up to your own number.

You can activate this promo on your cellphone by texting ALKANSYA to 4184. You’ll have a P5 free Alkansya load when you download the ALKANSYA menu. Now, to load your saved Alkansya loads to your own number, you can simply go to Menu > Alkansya > Pasarili.

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  1. How to load my alkansya for us to save load everytime we purchase load..Is this automatically load to our alkansya wallet? or we have to load it manually to our alkansya. Please advise.


  2. how do we load on our alkansya..i’ve already purchased hundreds of loads this month but my alkansya is still the same..

    1. i guess it doesn’t apply to large amount of load(in hundreds)..try to load ur sim less than 100 worth of will automatically update ur alkansya balance…for php30 you’ll have php2.00 added in ur alkansya bal…hope i make sense “,)

  3. concern lang po bat ganun po ng-download ako ng ALKANSYA to 4184 at ngtxt sa kin yung 4184 tpos noong makita ko yung tnt menu ko wala naman lumabas na ALKANSYA menu

  4. fucking alkansya, nothing had changed to my alkansya balance….
    always zero, i load many times for about 15, 30, 60

  5. naq downLoad na po ako ng ALKANSYA , pero waLa namang menu sa simcard co ?

    pano co po un makukuha um sa aLkansya co ?

  6. If u already send alkansya to 4814. Kindly turn off and on your handset.. For the availability of alkansya menu at sim services…;)

  7. kaluk0han nman 2ng alkansya na to ni peso wlng nadagdag sa alkansya q. Sv kada l0ad my ip0n ei bkt gnun wla khit peso

  8. ganun din po concern ko nagtext na po sa akin ung 4184 ng dalawang beses ung 1/2 at 2/2 activated na daw sya pero wala naman pong ALKANSYA MENU ano pong problem ?

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