Talk N’ Text with latest and hottest TNT KATOK10 Tipid-Sulit promo

Talk N’ Text or TNT is running KATOK10, their latest and hottest TIPID-SULIT all calls promo in the country till August 15, 2011. This one is definitely making lots and lots of TNT subscribers to go crazy calling anyone they like on TNT all day long! What’s even better is that, it offers an unlimited 2-way call that costs you only P10. Even without a load, you can still use your call promo.

If you want this TNT promo badly, then wait no more! Simply send KATOK to 3533 now!

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    1. may mga numbers kc sa smart na ndi mkapag avail ng unlimited promos..kc ive tried na kaso katok lng ang pwede sa sim ko..may isa akong number 0912 ang start nya pwde xa khit saang unli calls promo..mga new numbers ng smart indi ko like

      1. bakit hindi na po ako makaconnect sa 2way calls., kahit niregister ako ng ibang number.. dati naman eh nakaregister at connect pa ako..

  1. so difficult to register at UA15 to 4445, lagi nlang “NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS MOMENT”,
    bakit po ganun…?paki check naman please…thanks ng marami…and Godspeed..

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